Michael Czarnecki Information

I am a poet, oral memoirist, small press publisher and photographer. I’ve made my living solely through the creative word for nearly three decades.

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As a poet I’ve traveled tens of thousands of miles and have given hundreds of readings and scores of workshops throughout America. Many venues have been repeat performances, some for years and years. Libraries, writing centers, colleges, high schools, coffeehouses, museums, nature centers and outdoor venues have all been locations where I’ve presented my work. I have recently been promoting, and very much enjoying, giving house readings.

Over two decades ago I developed a memoir writing method, Palm of the Hand Memoir Writing, that I have presented in workshops all around the country. It has been an immense help for getting people to write about their lives and various groups were meeting monthly to share their Palm of the Hand Memoirs before the covid pandemic began.

If you would like to consider hosting me for a Poetry Reading, Palm of the Hand Memoir Workshop, Oral Memoir Performance, Haiku Workshop, House Reading or one of various Photo/Poetry/Stories Travel Programs that I can present, please be in touch.

My email is poetguy@foothillspublishing.com and phone number is 607-661-8777. I will be glad to converse with you about a program that would fit your needs.

A twenty minute reading of mine at Cloudburst Council 2014.

For the past eight years I’ve posted a Daily Photo and a Daily Spontaneous Poem on Facebook.